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Point to multi point

2.4/5 GHz legacy point to multi point

This is the IEEE 802.11a/b/g multipoint. 2.4 or 5 GHz one radio AP with 60-90º sector antenna does line-of-sight coverage with radius about 3 km (might be more depending on locality) and provides 25 Mbps of real data throughput to CPE. Recommended CPE’s quantity to one radio is up to 15. For urban areas are usually used 5 GHz (more free and non-overlapping channels) and for rural areas work well 2.4 GHz networks. This is typical scenario of WISP access network.


Point to point

Deliberant AP and CPE supports access point and station operating modes, therefore point-to-point can be created from AP and CPE or from 2 CPE’s or from 2 AP’s. For simplicity two CPE can be used because they have an integrated directional antennas. There are available options for SISO and MIMO PTPs. Maximum achievable real data throughput is up to 160 Mbps.