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Carrier Class PtP and PtMP airMAX networks

Powering the next-generation of Carrier Class PtP and PtMP airMAX networks. The Ultimate Outdoor Wireless BaseStation for the Global Wireless ISP Industry


Advanced Antenna System

Featuring a dual-independent 2x2 MIMO 24GHz hi-gain reflector antenna system, airFiber can operate in both FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) and HDD (Hybrid Division Duplex) modes for unparalleled speed and spectral efficiency in the 24GHz worldwide license-free band.

Plug and Play Installation

Utilizing precision mounting hardware combined with a dynamic RSSI indicator, airFiber can be easily deployed by a single installer. Integrated GPS receivers automatically calculate position and timing parameters in the background, providing a true plug and play installation experience.

Loaded with Powerful Features

airOS F is an intuitive, versatile, highly developed Ubiquiti firmware technology that resides on airFiber. It is exceptionally intuitive and was designed to require no training to operate. Behind the user interface is a powerful firmware architecture which enables hi-performance network backhauls.

airFiber Datasheet


Detailed Statistical Reporting

Quickly assess important camera activity and NVR performance with easy-to-read visualized graphs

Distribution of Activity — Analyze the distribution of triggered events in the past 24 hours of active cameras.

Camera Activity — See what specific times have the most triggered camera activity.

Disk Usage — Keep track of available disk space on your NVR(s).

NVR Load — Charts displaying Rx Bandwidth load, Tx Bandwidth Load, & CPU Utilization.

Multiple Views

airVision offers the versatility to view and manage your surveillance system with a variety of different views

Devices View — All devices listed out in an organized and detailed view.

Live View — View live feeds in a single or customizable multi-camera format.

Map View — Upload a floor plan and/or use Google maps to diagram and manage your surveillance setup.

Versatile Camera Settings

Extensive camera or NVR configuration and analysis can be easily accessed on each device from multiple locations

Details — View key details of a camera such as IP Address, Firmware version, Uptime, and detection mode.

Monitor — Quickly analyze a camera's connection and activity with visualized graphs.


Archive — Overview archived videos from a specific camera.

Configuration — Adjust basic features such as resolution, to more advanced ones such as the maximum FPS.

Event Recording

airVision gives you a variety of options and settings to customize what your cameras record.

Advanced Analytics

Customize your own motion detection zones. You can place several zones and set their alarm sensitivities as high or low as the situation demands.

airVision Datasheet